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As an entrepreneur, I know business and with a strategic mind, I am fascinated with the challenge of creating or growing brands. I have had clients in the gift, apparel and home dec industries, whether new and launching, growing or redefining their image. I have a beautiful network of incredible people who amaze me everyday. This, RB STUDIOS is my focus and I am delighted to be part of the Midwest Textiles team.


For a lifetime, I have been a surface designer in illustration and pattern. I love to quilt and have an obsession for color and unique shape. I don't always have the time to stitch a piece together but working with my team of seamstresses and graphic designers, we create right here in my studio. I am inspired by quilt designers and long arm quilters and wish to showcase them here along with our other artists who design the prints. 

An advocate for quality products, our cotton prints are competitive with the industry offerings, and what the end user wants and needs.


I am an apparel designer with the largest inventory of any independent sewing pattern designer in the world. My SewTinaGivens patterns sell globally and inspire makers to create their own personal and customized wardrobe. For me, my patterns are not designed to be just a finished product, but a platform to inspire my clientelle to be creative and craft their own pieces for their creative wardrobe.                 



I am thrilled to partner with Midwest Textiles & Supplies to create our fabulous new brand in quilting fabrics, RB STUDIOS. Our vision for RB STUDIOS is to provide beautifully designed textiles for the quilting world. Offering a range of styles from simple delights, some traditional with a new spark, and modern contemporaries for a bold impression. 


I am a creative soul who sees everything through art direction and design, whether on paper, textiles, apparel, even glassware and home decor. I love the challenge of creating and marrying unique color palettes and art, it's that simple. The medium is always the fundamental element in product development, and in this case, my lifelong love for fabric and sewing is a dream. 

Effective creative direction and strategic planning is the common thread in everything I do. My background consists of a deep understanding of marketing including social media and traditional targeted tactics for a cohesive message; licensing whether for myself or my artists, and, as a maker, product development through a variety of industries. 

My mission is innovation and reinvention, always, through beauty and creative prowess.  Our world has become significantly more digital, but also very much live and in-person through product creation, touch and feel, product delivery, and the customer experience. While we must always listen and consider our customer preferences - we need to have a seamless reflection of the brand, product, and human experience.  


The essence of RB STUDIOS is to capture and advocate for our customers, their experiences, and our products and services.


Without accurate art direction and design, we can not succeed.


I have experienced the quilt industry from a designer's point of view, and not only have the highest respect for the current family of designers across all brands, but also an understanding of production and offering a product that must breakthrough. We realize that launching a new fabric line into this market is a steep challenge, but I believe in harnessing creativity and technology with complete transparency and understanding of the quilting culture  - we can build wonderful experiences with originality and authenticity. 


I am an artist and designer with a strategic mind, with 25+ years of brand strategy, creative direction, entrepreneurship, and commercial artistry. The last 14 years have been refining digital and print consumer-targeted brand campaigns. By facilitating interactive experiences for consumers within a digital environment we can show off our product with authenticity; And with extraordinary visual identities, consumer touch-points, plus useful and inspirational products - we can enable customers to become loyal users, learn and gain inspiration.  Leading to great sales and loyalty - through beauty and appropriated art direction. This is what I do!


I have directed and led design teams, executed severely complicated and massive campaigns both off-line and on-line. I am a logistics fanatic who can easily break down any issue or objective to achieve what we are looking for. I revel at the thought of creating innovative, strategic, and creative offerings for you.

crush me valentine quilt.jpg
crush me valentine quilt.jpg
crush me valentine quilt.jpg

I love working with passionate people who know what they want. My job is to encourage, participate and offer any direction that would inspire their path. Whether you are new to surface design or a veteran with years of experience, I will work with you to find your voice or inspire a change in what you already do. My role in RB STUDIOS is to encourage, attract and curate the best way I can through encouragement and transparency.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at to discuss your passion for surface or quilt design.

I hope to inspire you.


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Creative Director

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