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Color Notes

Ships April 1 2022


Color Note Gallery

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Flower power tl KK 45 x 54.jpg
color notes tl KK 1a 45 x 54.jpg

RBS-CN-KK/1 Flower Power

by Toby Lischko

RBS-CN-KK/2 Stars & Stripes by

Toby Lischko  

ring o roses ff 59x71.jpg

Receive complimentary Quilt Pattern, exclusive to the collection; printed postcards for your use; and Social Media scheduled postings driving customers your way.

FREE Flat Fold project

RBS-CN-FF/1 Ring o’ Rosies
by Toby Lischko • 59”x71” • Free w/ CP

ring o roses ff 59x71_edited.jpg