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1. Fabrics Content & Quality?   ​​

           We have selected high-quality quilting cotton at a weight of 130gm and 60x60 thread count and 44/45" wide. After much research, we know that quilters and especially long-arm quilters do not prefer a finely woven textile. Whether we print traditionally with the engraving process with multiple color runs, or digitally print our fabrics are chosen accordingly.

2. Do you offer cut goods?

         We do. Our warehouse and processing facility located in Missouri USA has enormous capabilities in cutting technology, re-rolling fabric onto bolts, and even kitting specific quilt pieces for kitted projects.

  • BOLTS 15 Yard Bolts

  • STRIP ROLLS 40 strips in each roll (may be duplicates) 2-1/2 wide x Width of the Fabric (44/45").

  • FAT QUARTER BUNDLES 1 of each SKU in the bundle (varies by collection). Fat Quarters measure 18"x22".

  • 5" SQUARE BUNDLES 42 Squares in each bundle.

  • 10" SQUARE BUNDLES 42 Squares in each bundle.

3. Do you offer Free Patterns?

       We are designing and preparing project patterns including quilts, apparel, accessories, craft projects for home decor and toys. Watch as we upload the various fabric releases with coordinating patterns. If you'd like to become part of our network in offering patterns or connecting featuring our fabric, please link HERE.

4. Who are your Designers? 

   We have partnered with artists and designers from around the globe. Here at RB STUDIOS, we believe our world is one unique place and by bringing global designers together we offer an inclusive and extraordinary brand voice. Each artist brings their own culture and imagination to their collections and we wish to share that from the USA down to New Zealand, through the Eastern Worlds and upward tips of Iceland and Norway. We are working with multiple designers to bring you a fresh language in fabrics and will be released in 6-8 week slots. Stay Tuned!



1. How do I become a Retailer?

My store is outside of the USA - do you have a distributor?

Who are your USA reps?

Free Patterns?

Who are your Designers?

Do you offer cut goods?

Where are you located?

What are your terms and minimums on ordering?

I am a manufacturer, can I order Rolled Goods, and what are your minimums?

Do you offer custom printing and what are your minimums? Process?

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