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To an exciting new option in quilting fabrics.

Our world has changed, but it is amazing how craft has in fact increased through this pandemic. Increases in fabric, sewing machine, and sewing pattern sales have skyrocketed which means our beautiful communities of sewists are busy making.

I have partnered with MIDWEST TEXTILES to bring you my vision as a designer and maker in fabrics. Curating artists from around the globe with a common thread of visual story-telling, and so unique to each other in their art, medium, point of view and style. Our sewists are coming from everywhere, with different preferences, needs, and creative vision.  I am delighted to bring you a whole new world of fabrics for your customers to enjoy and be inspired.

We are just getting started...


Inspired by art, creativity, and people making that art is the story behind RB STUDIOS.

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Keeping our community safe and healthy is vital for us. While businesses, places, and social gatherings are starting to slowly open up, we are committed to keeping our in-house employees and management safe as well as shipping our products with careful consideration and precautions.

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RB STUDIOS offers many ways to help Quilt Shops sell fabric and increase sales. As a starter…you can use our FREE sample quilt patterns as a giveaway, to teach a class or as the start of a quilt kit. Keep in mind, RB STUDIOS only sells Wholesale - To the Trade. If you wish to purchase our fabrics Retail, please inquire at your local quilt shop. Join the website for free and make sure to receive our newsletters on new stores, collections, quilt projects, and inspirational materials including free patterns.

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If you would like to become an RB STUDIOS/MW Textiles Wholesale Customer, the first step is to set up an account. There is never any obligation. After placing your initial order, subsequent orders can be as small as a single bolt. Please contact our office for initial order information.

To set up an account, please contact us at or send a copy of your Business License or Resale License and Tax I.D. to us via email.  When your account has been established, we can arrange to have a Sales Representative call on you.

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In the meantime, our virtual showings are thrilling to see and visit with each artist about the collection story and their personal inspiration.



Creative Director

We decided to turn things around and offer a carefully and uniquely curated, high-quality product collection. As our world came to a standstill, we stopped to reinvent product offerings in quilting fabric and decided to create something fresh and unique. The foundation of RB STUDIOS is based on creative direction, quality art, and all the artists including quilt designers and stitchers, in sustainable production processes.

With a passion for our craft, focusing on art direction, talent, textile design & presentation, we are thrilled to present RB Studios. As visual storytellers, we offer you a new & exciting choice to create with.

Rooted in the Mid-West with a hardworking crew of down-to-earth people, ethical and conscientious vendors, and creative product offerings, we believe we have a perfect formula for recreating something new. 

Our desire is to bring a fresh perspective to the quilting industry with dynamic and unique art, consistency, and collaboration.

RB Studios is powered by Midwest Textiles & Supplies -  For over 96 years Midwest Textiles & Supplies has been an industry leader in quality quilting fabrics and embroidery supplies for the wholesale market. With over 15 branded fabrics as well as its' own quality fabric for the quilting industry and a full range of embroidery threads, bobbins, backings, and accessories for the professional embroiderer. 

We have been busy preparing our new rebranded collection of fabrics designed to surprise and energize your customers. These fabrics have been curated to explore our new lifestyles. With an appreciation for artists and designers who paint and create from a personal space, we celebrate them and work collaboratively to curate unique collections.  Coupled with a renewed focus on state of the art and traditional printing methods using sophisticated and environmentally conscious inks, we are delighted in what we have in store for you.

Partnering with Tina Givens as Creative Director for RB Studios, her imagination and ability to find unique and fresh talent is beyond belief. Working passionately to create collections with richly organic originality and storytelling imagery, she has curated a beautiful line up of incredible collections.  Her innate design ability reaches into crafting beautiful quilts, along with a list of incredibly talented people within the quilting industry and our in-house team. We are determined to break through the noise and bustle and offer something fresh. 


RB Studios brings smart data-focused art and design in translating trends, yet maintaining a clear point of view in style and inspiration. We offer abstract, floral, geometric, still life, novelty, and more yet all connected through the RB STUDIOS lens which is one of artful, clever, and inspirational art and design. Our artists each come with their own set of tools, medium, and style perspective. 

We have selected the highest-quality premium cotton with a soft and smooth hand.



Everything we make is designed, sampled, manufactured, and shipped by a team of individuals we hold dear. We offer fair and generous wages, a creative and stress-free environment with safe working conditions. We utilize a circulatory production model utilizing natural fibers, conscientious printing methods, sustainable shipping products, and reduction in waste methods in ensuring recycled waste. We encourage growth, compassion, skilled training, and job-development; we hold our artists in high regard with respect and supportive connection in partnership promoting responsible and supportive design and production.

Welcome to a new world of RB STUDIOS ®

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